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Composer & Music producer

Jenni Ventura is a composer, music producer and marimba player based in Bristol. After fifteen years in live music, Jenni is now venturing into the world of electronic music, supported by Help Musicians. Keen to tell the stories of human experience, from joy to grief and everything in between, Jenni’s work is collaborative and connects people and art forms.

Her debut in music production is the soundtrack to short film A Window in Time, the product of a large-scale community project made during the first lockdown in 2020.

Jenni Ventura - Composer & Music producer
A Window in Time - a film by 50 neighbours about their lockdown

A Window in Time - a film by 50 neighbours about their lockdown

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A Window in Time

A collaboration between fifty neighbours living on the same street during the spring and summer of 2020, A Window In Time is part journal and part collective therapy; drawing on the true stories and artistic talents – writers, dancers, musicians, visual artists – of a small, Bristol community to preserve and process a surreal and challenging moment in our collective history. Told over the course of a day that spans several weeks, the film navigates the varied and sometimes conflicting emotions and energies of the early months of lockdown. Soundtrack written and produced by Jenni Ventura.

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Listen to the full musical soundtrack for A Window in Time on Jenni Ventura's Soundcloud.



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